About Me

How do other people write these things without squirming? Marketing yourself this day and age where everyone is struggling to survive the next hot Youtube video or next outrageous tweet, you have to sit there awhile racking your brain to come up with something clever and true about yourself.  Is that too high of an expectation of myself?

I mean…I always fill these out; facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever I got myself tangled into…(recently heard about digital suicide website where you can erase all things about yourself on the internet, kinda neat yet creepy?) But it’s probably one of the last things I do as a gesture of final commitment. Argh…am I ready to be completely honest and vulnerable? Stand at least mostly naked in this vast world wide web? I dunno…Well, I might as well make it a little bit more interesting than…my favorite books and music are blah blah blah…or my favorite place to ever visit was here…so I’m going to take a more scientific, time line approach. I fear it can get wordy but I guess I already sufficed that category with a LONG a$$ preface to an “About Me.”

Winter of 1975   My parents are married in Seoul, South Korea.

Winter of 1976   I am born in Seoul, South Korea.

Winter of 1978   My brother is born, died 7 days after his birth.

Winter of 1979   My brother is born, he survives.

Spring of 1981   Dad leaves to pursue his American Dream, stopping in Japan for a year.

Spring of 1982   I enter kindergarten.

Spring of 1983   I enter first grade and enjoy memorable 6 years.

Spring of 1989   I enter junior high, an all girls school. Snack times are awesome!

June 15, 1989   I finish one semester of seventh grade and move to United States of America with mom and brother to join my dad who had been living there for 6+ years alone.

Fall of 1989   Dad pressures me and my brother to repeat a grade as we enter the American public school system in Chicago area. I cry a lot during the next two years due to frustration of language barrier and culture shock. My self esteem takes a nose dive during these years.

Fall of 1990   My family moves to a wealthy western suburb of Chicago named Oak Park. We had rollerblading, cross country skiing, bowling, etc for gym. I thought these were some strange activities for gym only to learn that I lived in a pretty privileged neighborhood.

Fall of 1992   I enter high school. I fall in love with W. Shakespeare. Hard to believe but I have an amazing time in high school. I met some great friends and I fly through three amazing years of high school and go off to college. Yes, three years.

Fall of 1995   I enter college for a degree in architecture. I find a boyfriend too early and stay with him for five crazy years. What he heck was I thinking?

Summer of 1998   My Parents decide to go their separate ways. My dad turns out to be an immature yet proud man who cannot admit to making a terrible decision with major consequences. He blames his cold children who do not do their job of mediators between two adults stuck in a relationship rapidly failing apart. I promise myself that if I have a family one day that we will never live apart. I also learn that family relationships take more effort than any other relationship. Painful times…painful lessons.

Spring of 1999   I add the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from a university somewhere in Illinois to my resume. I start building a resume.

Summer of 1999   Being totally burnt out from an intense architectural studies program of living on three or fours hours of sleep, caffeine, and delirium, I start a meaningless temp job only to return to my true calling of architecture by…

Spring of 2000   I start my first official architecture job. I LOVE most people at this firm and stay friends with a few. Oh yeah, I break up with that boy from college around this time.

Spring of 2001   After a year of singlehood, I meet someone online and start dating him. This was a very silently volatile relationship with a very unstable person which breaks after two years. I have lots of lovely and horrible memories. Ah…bad boys…or bad for me boys…Towards the end of my employment there, I meet an FOB (fresh off the boat) exchange student from Korea. Another mistake beginning to happen…

Fall of 2005   I leave my employer of 5 years to pursue something different than mixed use development projects and start working on corporate interiors. I LOVE the quick turnaround of these projects. The FOB asks me to marry him and move to Korea and I bravely or stupidly say yes. Ugh…

Fall of 2006   The jerk tells me he is not ready to be married so I fly over to Korea to sort things out and I return to the states single and feeling surprisingly free. He told me some BS about how he’s not ready to change his life forever, blah, blah, blah…"well, you should have thought about that when you asked me to marry you, huh?" What a selfish idiot. I decide that all boys are stupid.”Bitter? Table for one?”

Winter of 2007   I start my current job. I go through three years of what I call my “ugly years” because no article of clothing I put on my body seems flattering in any way and I really do not like looking at myself at all. Marriage falling apart leaves me feeling rejected though I constantly tell myself, you’re better off, which is true but still hard to swallow on low days.

Summer of 2010   I sign up for a membership at fancy gym, or just fancy to me and pay an exorbitant amount of money to a personal trainer to whip me into shape. Because I admit, I had no motivation, discipline, and knowledge of how to shed the pounds that I packed on leaving me in my ugly state.

September of 2010   I have become more fit and toned…I got myself into a size 4 pants for the first time in a very long time…I could not be more excited with myself. I am emerging from my “ugly years” with muscles~!!!!